Temporary suspend backups on urbackupclient


I tried to search but nothing found. How to temporary suspend my client from doing backups to remote server ? I’m connected via LTE and VPN and don’t like to waste my data plan.
Any tips please ?


The VPN makes this impossible, but otherwise you could add your provider to dataplan_db.txt on the server.

Otherwise net stop UrBackupClientBackend & net start UrBackupClientBackend ?

sure on Win but I use Linux - just kill background process each time ?

Would be the easiest solution, yes.

thx pls close

I would’ve thought another solution would be to temporarily move the client to a group that has all backups disabled. But as I just found out even then the client still does backups. I then disabled all the “Allow client-side starting of x backups” permissions, but that didn’t seem to work either.

@kramer: systemctl disable urbackupclientbackend