Temp files folder 180GB


My server is failing to backup because it has run out of space. I am backing up to the ubuntu /var/tmp folder. Is it safe to delete all the files in there? All the files seem to be dated the 4th of August so I am sure it is safe.

Also, why would there be such a huge amount of temp files?


Surely someone knows whether it is safe to delete old temp files?


Surely you’re not really ‘backing up to the ubuntu /var/tmp folder’… ?
Assuming you’re not really backing up to a temp folder I would just go ahead.
In my book if it’s important it shouldn’t be in a temp folder.


It’s the temporary folder that urbackup uses as a file buffer. This should
surely be emptied after each backup. I am going to delete everything in
that folder.


i didn’t looked that up in lsb or posix doc, but to my understanding
tmp is stuff that is very temporary and shouldn’t survive a reboot
/var/tmp/ is temporary but should be able to survive a reboot
So /var/tmp/ is barely more important that /tmp, (depending on your usages, it may actually be very important).

I like how this was last sentence very confusing ( my advice : dont delete it, dont backup it either)

You said you re backing up TO /var/tmp (not from). For me that s no place to store urbackup files, /var/liburbackup, /data/urbackup, /opt/urbackup, that would be better places.

Do not tell me you re backing up from and to /var/tmp.


I agree with the others, you should not be backing up to /var/tmp or using it for urbackups temp files.
If you need to delete files from /var/tmp only delete ones urbackup put there.
You should be able to tell by file ownership which ones you can delete.
All the ones put there by the Operating system will be owned by root.

Also, if you /tmp points to /tmpfs you may have a problems writing urbackups temp files there as well as tmpfs is memory not disk.
I had that problem shortly after installing urbackup. so I added a 256GB SSD and dedicated it for /tmp.


If the backup process crashed the software will, I assume, leave the files in the temporary folder.
I actually have a whole 2TB drive for temporary files as some backups are huge and if more than a couple of them run together it would crash the server.
I notice than when the urbackup server process has crashed, for various reasons, it leaves the temporary files in the tmp folder.


In my case, the temp folder uses more that 400 GB!
I only have 500GB space on that machine (the urbackup server database uses only 11 GB). So I always got the message that I’m out of space or the DB might be corrupt.

So, is there a way to minimize the amount of temporary space urbackup uses?
Or shall I move the temp folder (using symbolic links) to a network share?

Are there other ways to make this folder smaller? I know, I can disable the use of temporary files, but in my opinion using these files is OK and good.

Any suggestions?

And as @hippy1970 mentioned, deleting those files is not good. they are used by the urbackup server. Therefor it is not possible to delete them under windows.


Well, here is my solution for that.

I created a iSCSI drive on my QNAP and mounted it to the urbackup server. Then I created the directory hard links within the temp folder to the new destination and that’s it! Works perfectly fine!

Now I have the drive T: which in fact holds the temporary files.
And within the Windows\Temp folder, there are the hard links to these folders: