Taking Backup very slow



I’ve scheduled backup of 624GB of Windows VMs file backup by using of single master server. But from last 7-Days till now it get completed only 76GB. I m using below structure:

Urbackup Server: Linux VM
Urbakup Storage: NAS which is mounted on Linux VM
Urbackup Client: Windows server which have 8VMs of total 674GB size.

As I’m checking speed in Activity it showing 1 to 5Mbps. While I’ve net speed of 155Mbps but I’m not able to increase speed of urbackup server. If it going in same way then it will take around 1-Month for getting backup completed. So kindly guide me how increase backup speed.

Thank You


How is the networking set up between these VMs? What sorts of speeds do you see transferring files over the network between them in the ordinary way? Best to try to eliminate a problem there as the cause if possible.

Are they all on one physical machine? Or if not, how are they connected? I’ve seen slow speeds disappear by replacing a cable in the past, or changing if a VM’s networking is set to NAT or Bridged.

I probably can’t be that much help, but even those who can may need more information.



All Servers are in same network. And currently we have 155Mbps network speed. We have done same thing by using other backup solution like vmbackup for windows and cpanel for linux and found that they are working fine but we are facing speed related issue only in urbackup.

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I had a similar situation and I turned off Avast anti-virus on the UrBackup server and immediately backups that used to take days were done in hours. I then added an exception to Avast excluding the UrBackup storage and all is well.




Did you already try to tracert command to see speed transfer to your server? Just a suggestion.
And let us know the output of the command

Thank you