System Specification - General Server for Home Backup

I’ve been running UrBackup on a low-powered (dual-core Atom) server with 4GB RAM, essentially to back up 2 windows laptops. The server was originally built as a NAS replacement. File system is ext4, with the backup storage on a 4TB RAID10 array (Linux mdadm).

Server has been handling file backups well, and coped with the first full image backup, but it is now doing it’s first incremental image backup and is struggling (two virtual cores running at 100%). I’m guessing that de-duplication and compression are a factor.

Is it unwise to try and continue with image backups on this hardware?

Update: after a 3rd system lock-up I’ve temporarily uninstalled UrBackup to evaluate. The crash appears to have happened immediately following the completion of a file backup. It may simply be that my system is not suitable. (have seen posts concerning RAM requirements).

Update 1: This is now a moot point as the crashes continue without UrBackup running so I’m now looking at new hardware. I am going for an 8 core Atom board with 16GB RAM.