System requirements for urbackup server

We are planning to us ur backup server for backup of around 70 machines (desktops + Laptops), but we want to use a desktop in place of server for hosting ur backup server, what should be the recommended configuration for the same.

Waiting for response?

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There really is no hardware requirements

i can you let us know the recommended system configuration for running ur backup server, if there is a software there must be some recomended system configuration.

for 240 clients
I consume 34Gb of ram (got 64 total) , urbackup process consumes 12gb
not much cpu (got 54, could use 4-10), but if you do image backup you ll need some.

That said , with a lof of filters for files to backup , i often get 1 minute backup
And some peoples backup their home computers via nas or a raspberrypi (but i guess it’s slow as hell)

@orogor What kind of storage are you using? SAS drives? or SSD? or mixed?


Sas, but that’s slow for everything related to metadata and database operations like cleanup (can take >24h). So i am currently looking to, at at least switch to btrfs. I don’t think i ll get ssd for the database, but that should help a lot of you can get one.