Synthetic Full Backup

I am trying to determine if support for Synthetic Full Backups exist or if they may be added in the future. While this works great over the lan it just takes too long over the internet. We have a particular server that will take 49 days at current speed.

If you are talking about file backups it exists in the form that you can make an infinite number of incremental backups. The file backups are stored in a way that they are not based on fulls/the previous file backups. So you are okay, disabling full file backups.

The same thing is planned for the image backups, albeit only for Linux with btrfs (and perhaps ZFS). I’ll have a look, if adding synthetic full image backups is easily done.

Thank you for the response. I was specifically looking at image based backups. We currently use R1Soft/Idera/CDP or whatever they happen to call them selves now and have constant problems with it.

There have been problems in the past with other software using file backups and since then we have moved to image based backups. Using this design we can leverage a hybrid design allowing customers to run on a VPS in our office should it be needed. The VHD architecture allows us to do the same but we’ll need an image based backup to roll our existing design into.