Synology NAS - Btrfs Snapshot support

Hi guys,

on my Synology NAS when UrBackup docker image is starting I get the following errors:

Obviously it means that snapshots are not possible, some questions:

  1. can I make it work somehow? I have read that for this to work a minimum kernel version is required (3.8). On my NAS the kernel version is 4.4.59.
  2. what does this error mean? What features won’t work? Are snapshot necessary for standard functionality to work?


Hi all,

answering part of my question. Everything seems to work fine. Even incremental image backups are only transfering changed blocks and storing those on the backup volume.

It seems that it is not possible to make snapshot support work with the current version of DSM 6. Let’s see if DSM 7 will bring better support here.

One question remains: what advantage do I get from snapshot support?