Synology / docker expirience


It there any new experience running urbackup server inside the docker with deduplication / image hardlinks support? Seems that latest info about it that there was no simple solution but all there info is more than year old, maybe any updates could be found?

Hello, can you share your experience with such kind of deployment? What issues are you faced with?

I tested this a year ago, and I found that while the deployment works ok, I could not get BTRFS to work from within the docker environment. I.e. I was not able to use all of the advanced BTRFS features (deduplication, checksumming, incremental-forever-image-backups), so I sold the box again and stuck to my simple intel NUC-based NAS.

Maybe this changed now, but you would need to research it. If you don’t care about BTRFS, urbackup works just fine on a Synology.

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@clang thanks for sharing your experience.

I have another issue with Synology which I described here Urbackup on Synology NAS: space is running out but it's not

Just curious have you faced such problems?

Hi @kovalr ,
unfortunately I did not use the Synology long enough and therefore never observed this issue. Since the BTRFS functionality was very important to me, that pretty much made the Synology a “no deal” for me :frowning:

What FS are you using on the synology and what storage driver are you using in the docker setup? Perhaps playing around with those could help? Docker storage drivers | Docker Docs

btfs on Synology with ext4 Docker image. Maybe this is the problem. I will try to reinstall my installation.