Symlink errors in logs

i am running URBACKUP 1.3.1 (new version) on windows server
we use a QNAS nas storage for our backups
the are located in \pnas\backupdisk2

when i look in the logs i see this :

16.12.13 09:41 DEBUG Creating symbolic links. -2
16.12.13 09:41 ERROR Creating junction failed. Last error=4390
16.12.13 09:41 ERROR Creating symbolic link from “\?\UNC\pnas\BACKUPDISK2\URBACKUP\clients\MEWIN81” to “\?\UNC\pnas\BACKUPDISK2\URBACKUP\MEWIN81\131216-0941” failed with error 4390

is this fixable ?
many thanks in advance

Could be a NAS limitation. Can you try if you can create a link on the NAS e.g. with

Edit: Okay, I might have found the issue.

THANKS uroni

your the best !
i will wait for the next release !

many many thanks in advance