Suspicious times when run remove-unknown

Hi guys,

i did a remove-unknown to make sure DB and files are in sync. I have 2 server running and i check the time and consumption of both backups.

|SERVER230|14.28 GB|10.11 TB|10.12 TB|
|SERVER231|29.49 GB|2.63 TB|2.66 TB|

Server230 has 4 times more than server231 on files in the backup space. But remove-unknown behaves the other way.

2022-06-26 13:34:43: Removing unknown for client “SERVER230”
2022-06-26 13:41:32: Removing unknown for client “SERVER231”
2022-06-26 14:34:26: Removing unknown for client “XXXX”

Server230 updates takes ~7 minutes to run through while server231 takes 53 minutes!?

Last backup run on Server230: Indexing of “F” done. 253 filesystem lookups 1845036 db lookups and 39 db updates

Last backup run on Server231: Indexing of “F” done. 288 filesystem lookups 716076 db lookups and 205 db updates

So how is it possible that remove-unknown runs must faster on server230 data entrys? Even Server230 has 4 times the backup size and 2,5 times on files as server231?

Any hints?

Shot in the dark here, but are server 230 and 231 identical in the hardware department? Perhaps one has a slower CPU, or has a higher load? Are the storages local and with identical disks/raid card/raid configuration setups?

It is a 5 Node Cluster with a 10 GBit 110 TB CEPH Storage, so they are running on identical hardware in the cluster.
Urbackup VM is Linux in the same Cluster on a different Node with Urbackup Database in the CEPH Storage and Urbackup Storage is on a 60 TByte NAS with 1 GBit connection.
Urbackup VM has 24 Gbyte memory and 4 CPU’s, Windows VM’s (230 & 231) have also 24 GByte memory and 4 CPU’s. Every Node has 128 Gbyte memory and 16 Xeon CPU’s. Write speed in the CEPH storage is ~500MB/s, on NAS is near the 1 GBit max.

I see urbackup only use 1 CPU when it do the remove-unkown, so i don’t think its a harware problem.?