Suspend (prevent) backup on Windows client

Just wondering how you can suspend (eg don’t run a backup today) a backup on Windows?

I would’ve thought exiting the Windows client would stop a backup from running. This appears not to be the case?


You’d have to go to the Windows TaskManager then services tab and “stop” UrBackupClientBackend. but need to remember to turn it on again.

Thanks. Seems like a good feature request to add a “suspend/resume backup” to the client then.

Backup control seems to be something the server needs to look at, no way to “suspend” a client, the last backup status is a bit wacky with it saying its not up to date when clearly it is. Also getting it to backup on time seems real hard work (especially with IMAGE backup which are more daily / weekly) design for internet / active clients is very miss over hit.

Not sure that I understand your comment above. Surely from the tray icon you could select “Suspend Backup” which would then disable the client temporarily? If it needs to communicate with the server then that’s fine.

The point being the user doesn’t have to worry about anything else in order to suspend the backup.

Control needs to be from the server, the clients dont have access to any settings (they are disabled). This is more for server administrator, such as maintaining the backup and you may not want client / s checking in and backing up for a period of time, such as when the RAID is re-syncing which maybe 12-24 hours.

There are already server side settings allowing the server admin to control what is available to the client. Why not add another one?

What if the client doesn’t want a backup to be run? How would the server admin know what is going on with the client?

It seems bizarre to me that a client can’t suspend a backup.

For many of us we are managing all of this for the client, either internally or as an MSP. My clients don’t even really need the tray icon and we do all of the control from the server side.