Support for EL9? (Rocky, Alma, RHEL)

While checking the download options for UrBackup Server, I didn’t find any mention of RHEL 9 (or its clones such as Rocky Linux 9 or Alma Linux 9).

I see this version was mentioned earlier this year in this topic:

Is there any current or planned support for EL9?

Thank you very much.

Not sure. And after latest news Red Hat ends the RHEL clones’ free lunch | InfoWorld assume more and more developers will stop cooperations with rhel derivatives.

You can try to compile by your self. Example below for ArchLinux

  1. Use this guide: UrBackup - Install UrBackup server from sources
mkdir build
cd build/
tar xf urbackup-server-2.5.31.tar.gz
cd urbackup-server-2.5.31/
  1. Install dependencies:
dnf install gcc gpp g++ zlib-devel libcurl-devel fuse-devel
  1. Run configure:
./configure --with-mountvhd --enable-embedded-cryptopp --enable-embedded-zstd
make -j 8
  1. Follow for required packages, you can also use this resource to find same packages for your Linux distribution.
  2. After successful compilation you can compress urbackup-server-2.5.31/ and reuse it on another systems.

Keep in mind that @uroni seems like use latest versions of dependencies while preparing latest versions for public, so you need to chose something with latest versions of dependencies. Otherwise you can use precompiled packages.

Mainly depends on OBS. I just noticed there was an issue there (fixed now) but it also doesn’t have RHEL9:

Then I’m not using it personally and don’t want to look into it, so it depends on people supplying patches to the spec file when it breaks


It seems each build you use latest dependent packages versions. Are you use Arch or Fedora?