Summarized backup report

Is it possible to implement a summarized daily backup report instead of having each client sending an email alert after each full/incremental backups?

I’m also interested in this feature.

I as well. I think when we would try to use UrBackup at a client site, as an MSP, these types of reports is something management and the client expects. Also, it’s standard with other backup software.

Depending on what you want this is just a little python scripting. There is another thread where people did this.

Could you please describe in detail what the underlying problem is that you need this feature for to solve? If it goes into UrBackup it needs to solve the problem for every user. A few examples would be nice as well.

An example: Would you want the status to be okay if there were no backups but the client (workstation) also wasn’t online.

For me, it would be nice to have a daily email that lets me know if there are any clients that did not backup, how much storage has been used on the server, and storage trends related to the server. Right now, I believe the only way to know if a client did not backup is to log in to the web interface on a daily basis. If a backup fails, I get email notifications. But, I do not get an email for clients that have not attempted to backup at all.


Others here are using Nagios to monitor that. I’ll have to look into if the current api allows monitoring storage trends as well.

Do you have any details on how they are doing so? I have been meaning to set up a Nagios or Icinga box and that would give me reason to do it.

Here is one that runs on the server (Nagios plugin):

And there seems to be monitoring software which looks at the Windows event log and UrBackup can be used with that: A way to remote monitor backup status?

Monitoring the windows event log is a good idea anyway because Windows reports e.g. disk i/o errors there. Monitoring the clients’ disk S.M.A.R.T. status/Windows update status/virus scanner status should be something the monitoring solution does as well.

UrBackup 2.0.1 will monitor the Windows disk status with wmic diskdrive get caption,status,statusinfo before file backups now and log warnings if that does not return OK. Little bit out of scope, but it was easy to add.