Suggested server config ? Linux,Windows...Btrfs on Iscsi

after reading some posts , still i’ve not the clear ideas for my configuration.

I’m running Urbackup server on a Windows 2012 R2 server -Virtualized with Xenserver and a Synology ds415 btrfs volume as storage; it have already btrfs but obviously Urbackup server doesn’t see it).

The problem is that Urbackup works but cause high disk loads .

I’m consider to migrate the server to Linux (in the past already done). and work with btrfs.

I can benefit from this or is it better to leave everything as well?

And … how i can configure btrfs volume on linux with the synology storage ? I think about an ISCSI Lun attached to server and with a btrfs volume.

I’m wrong ? Any suggest?


Hi @Luca_Calcaterra

I’m on the same page actually, did it work in the end …? It would be great if you can share your experience about how it went…? or what you did …?

Many Thanks
Mahi :slight_smile:

yeah, working from about 1 year. Ubuntu with an iscsi mount on a Synology. Then created a dedicated BTRFS partition for urbackup storage. Seems to work quite well for now… :slight_smile:

Hi @Luca_Calcaterra

Thanks for your quick response and your input I appreciate it.
So seems like I should switch to Linux based OS for the URBACKUP server in the order it to make it work.?

Yeah best way… Linux ! for btrfs sure.

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