Suggested Configuration for Running a Server on a VM?

Hello everyone,

I have the following scenario and would like to gather insights on the optimal configuration. I have a cloud server that comes pre-configured with RAID 5, and unfortunately, I cannot change this setup. The server is equipped with 4x2TB disks, providing 6TB for the hypervisor. The hardware specifications include 32GB DDR3 RAM and a Xeon E3-1231v3 processor.

My intention is to create a virtual machine with the most recommended settings utilizing this hardware and available configuration. The goal is to support approximately 30 clients, which is estimated to occupy around 3TB of storage. What are your thoughts on a VM with 28GB of memory, running Ubuntu Server 22.04? The proposed disk configuration includes a 120GB ext4 partition for the system and another 5.5TB ext4 disk for backup purposes.

I’m eagerly awaiting your responses to move forward with my project. Any feedback or suggestions on this setup would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Not much you can configure on the server, other than the database cache size, which for you can be 5-10Gb if the server is not doing anything else.

Thank you for the response. Upon researching, I found that it would be good to use Btrfs for the backup partition. However, since I have never used it before, I believe it may not be a good idea. In the event of an error, I may not be able to resolve it quickly. I think ext4 would be better in my scenario.