Strange behavior of inode_db after storage migration


Version 2.3.7 running on Windows Server 2019 Standard. After a storage migration using the procedures defined in the manual I have a wildly fluctuating inode_db folder. I found in other posts that it can be deleted after migration is completed. Even though I was successfully able to delete it, it comes back and its size toggles between 1TB and 68GB within a few minutes. There’s nothing in the logs that I can find and backups are working normally. I have two clients…one is the server’s system disk and the other is a windows 7 desktop system disk.

Why does it keep coming back after deletion and why does it toggle its size so drastically in so little time?

Thank you,


Did you delete the file with the path in it after migritation was finished?


Yes…multiple times. It continues to reappear.


I mean the migrate_storage_to file.


I didn’t. I just did we’ll see how it goes.


It looks like that did the trick. Thank you for your time.