Stopping backups of Hyper-V clients

So I installed the Hyper-V Client to test before purchasing.

It found the VM’s, thought I was good. Configured each client individually.

Here’s the problem, one of the clients is trying to do a 1.3TB full file backup. The client has 2 drives and the file backup is set for " c:\users; e ". The image backup is <50GB for both drives.

I’ve tried to stop the backup, but it won’t.

Any suggestions??

Be patient when waiting for it to stop the backup or restart the server if you are impatient.

The hyper-v client does only do image backup. Please keep file backups disabled.

I waited for an hour and decided to restart the backup server.

So the Hyper-V client only does image backups?
Should I install the regular client on the VM to do individual file backups?

I have urbackup server on a separate linux box. When I try to mount one of the Hyper-V images, I get:
ERROR Image mounting failed: Error creating mountpoint at "/media/…

Should I install the regular windows client on each VM to do file backups?

I get an error when I try to open the image. "Error creating mountpoint at “/media/BACKUP/urbackup/…”

I have urbackup server installed on a Linux box.