Stop running backup if getting out of the window

Hi there,

I think this question hasn’t been asked here yet. Here it is : I want my incremental file backups to stop if they are getting out of the window i specified.
For instance, one of my servers is scheduled like this : 1-7/20-2
It works well, but if the bandwidth shrinks or for whatever reason, it takes more than 6 hours, it keeps going and starts disrupting the production…
Any way to force it to stop when reaching a certain time ?

Thanks in advance.

So sad UrBackupClient_cmd.exe doesn’t handle this… it can start a backup but not stop it :cry:


    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe [--help] [--version] <command> [<args>]

Get specific command help with UrBackupClient_cmd.exe --help

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe start
            Start an incremental/full image/file backup

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe status
            Get current backup status

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe browse
            Browse backups and files/folders in backups

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe restore-start
            Restore files/folders from backup

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe set-settings
            Set backup settings

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe reset-keep
            Reset keeping files during incremental backups

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe add-backupdir
            Add new directory to backup set

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe list-backupdirs
            List directories that are being backed up

    UrBackupClient_cmd.exe remove-backupdir
            Remove directory from backup set

Currently there is no comfortable method. I guess we should move it into the feature request category?

If you are able to run a scheduled task on the client, a work-around would be to restart the client service net stop urbackupclientbackend && net start urbackupclientbackend. Another would be to throttle the bandwidth very low outside the window (that would keep the shadow copy, though). One more work-around would be to build e.g. a python script that stops the backup on the server via API.

Thanks uroni :slight_smile:
I think indeed that it could be moved to that category.
Fortunately, i can schedule that task on the client. I could have thought of that myself.
In other words : you saved my day :smiley:
I think this feature could be very helpful for guys like me who sell online backups to industries.

Thanks again ! very much !