Status of translations in Transifex / Github

Recently, I noticed some untranslated strings in the web interface of UrBackup (full disclosure: server version 2.5.25) for the Dutch language. Since I’m a translator for the application in Transifex, I tried to fix them. However, I could not find these translations in either the ‘frontend’ or ‘webinterface’ resource. I don’t think that these Strings have been removed from the latest version of UrBackup since I found them in settings_inv_row.htm on GitHub, but I did not have the chance yet to update the server to verify this. I downloaded the original English resource (.po) file from Transifex, but that one does not contain the strings either.
I always thought that the source of the server web interface could be found here: urbackup_backend/urbackupserver/www/translations/urbackup.webinterface at dev · uroni/urbackup_backend · GitHub but these files have not been updated for years, while there have been releases.

Examples of strings that I am missing, are these:
“Server URL for client file/backup access/browsing”,
“List of server IPs (proxys) from which to expect endpoint information (forwarded for) when connecting to Internet/active service (needs server restart)” and
“Require tray icon users to enter following text before being able to change settings:”.

Long story short: how can I contribute to the Dutch translations of the UrBackup server webinterface?

Yeah, sorry for the confusion. Updated them manually because I forgot they got automatically taken from github. Once I noticed that I forgot to push.

But should update now. Thx for the heads up and your work!

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