Statistics using symlinks to calculate size on incremental backup

I’m testing both windows component and file backup with server 2.1.19 and client 2.1.15

I noticed on two exchange servers that the incremental backup seems fast enough, and data transferred in the log seems small enough, but “Used Storage” on the Activities and Statistics pages use the full size of the exchange db for every backup.

When I checked the storage folders (NTFS) it shows symlink folders pointing at the origional exchange db. I’m guessing that it does not see a change in the .edb file and is symlinking the empty directory.

It looks like this is happening on every client.

Day 1 is a full file backup of a 6gb database. Statistics go from 0gb to 6gb.
Day 2 is 100mb of changed data on the 6gb file. Statistics show a 6gb backup and the day 2 total jumps to 12gb. Backup logs will show a 100mb transfer.

The statistics keep climbing as this cycle repeats.