"Statistics" page calculations are far off

See the attached screenshots below. I just installed this UrBackup server (to eventually replace one I have been using for years). There is one image backup completed so far. According to the “Logs” page, this single full image “transferred 78Gb”. That sounds about right. However, the “Statistics” page indicated that this image is only “493Mb”. The actual image size, from the Linux command line in the storage directory, appears reasonable (screenshot below only shows the C drive itself, not the ESP and SYSVOL sibling images).

Note: The “Files backup” from this same computer is 18.95Gb and that is just C:\Users, but the “Image backup” of the entire C: drive is 493Mb? That is obviously incorrect.

Server version 2.5.27 (Linux, Docker image), client version 2.5.21 (Windows)


I think that “Images” here is for photos and others graphic files :slight_smile: