Starting & stopping the Server software

I am probably missing something here entirely - but.

Could someone please describe to me exactly how one goes about stopping the Server software and then starting it again. I have often seen reference to being able to, but I cannot find how to actually do it. It seems a case of how tech instructions are often written assuming that you already know how to do what you need to know how to do!!!

The server software normally runs as a service. How you manage services depends on the platform.

Under windows services are controlled as an administrator via “Computer Management”->“Services and Aplications”->“Services” and find the UrBackup Server Service (I assume, I don’t run the Windows Server version) and select the stop action then the start action or the restart action.

Under linux as needed I use the commands:

  • sudo service urbackupsrv stop
  • sudo service urbackupsrv start
  • sudo service urbackupsrv restart
  • sudo service urbackupsrv status

Ahhhh, (sounds of pennys dropping etc.). I did not even think of the server software as being a “service” in Windows. I kept thinking of it as an application which would be a different approach.

I freely admit to classing myself as an old analog techie (and proud of it). Digtial I love for what you can do with it (a lot of which we could only dream we would like to be able to do) but by the same token digital scares me. I was trained to think in a totally different manner, digital is learning almost everything again.

Many thanks for your help.