Starting from Scratch---ish... help!

So ever since i migrated my urbackup server to another server ive had nothing but issues. I want to be able to archive my current backups folder which contains all of my backups and rename it so i can create a new one for all new backups to begin.

If i do this, how can i tell the server that it needs to start again at full backups. I attempted to do this already but it keeps attempting to restart incrementals. I decided to do this when i got an error saying my database was corrupted. This compounded with backup issues prompted be to take this method. This is the steps i took. Please tell me what i missed and how i should proceed.

Stopped the Urbackup server
Renamed the backup location.
Recreated a folder with the old name
Ran Urbackupsrv database repair
Ran urbackupsrv remove unknown
Started the urbackupsrv

There is no easy way to perform the move.

Keep the backups of your current clients on a separate partition and start over – it would be easier to do that.

If you have a lot of clients where that would be difficult for you to put all of them back onto your server, I do apologize in advance.