Starting backups from clients

Hello everybody,

i have a big problem in my UrBackup server (running on debian 7.2.0). I cant start backups from clients that are in another ip location (other domain). They shown as they are offline. I can start backups from clients in the same ip location like the urbackup server. The server ident key is the same on all clients. Whats the problem? :x


Can you reach them via other means, e.g. via “ping HOSTNAME” ?

No i cant ping all clients with “ping HOSTNAME”. I can only ping the clients in all IP locations with “ping 192.168.x.x”.

UrBackup probably uses the same hostname lookup as ping. So your DNS may not resolve Windows names.
First google result for this issue I can find:

I can’t fix this problem with this solution. Samba is already installed. If i try this: nmblookup -A 192.168.XX.62 in the same location i get the answer: Looking up status of 192.168.XX.62
BA-CON-002 <20> - M
BA-CON-002 <00> - M
GHP-DOCS <00> - M
GHP-DOCS <1e> - M

If i try nmblookup -A 192.168.XX.50 in another subnet i No reply from 192.168.XX.50