Started a restore but i did not mean to

I was trying to download a single file from a folder, and mistakenly hit restore on the entire folder instead. This will loose important data that is up to date, but the urbackup web portal does not seem to give the ability to cancel a restore. How do I prevent a urbackup backup of this from happening once it started? I disabled urbackup on said machine for now so we do not loose the data, but i need it on so it can index moving forward.

The second tab on th server, activities, should let you cancel it.

You should have needed to confirm the restore somehow, either server side or client side.
Are you sure the restore actually took place?

I went to the activities page, but there was no option for canceling it.
I rebooted the backupserver to try and cancel it, and turned it off on the end client, for fear it would run the restore.

My question is, will there be a command in the queue to try and restart this restore once i enable the backup app on the endpoint, since there was not an option to cancel it.