Start-up recovery over 48 hours


We have restarted our Urbackup server and it has taked over 48 hours and has still not started it is stuck in Start-up recovery deleting backups.

Is there a way to force the start? now our servers have not been backed up in 2 days.


Is it still in that state?

If on linux, can you provide the top and iotop output

On windows that would be , the 3-4 summary graphs, and the process list sorted by cpu usage.

What hardware you use for disk/cpu/ram ?

Can you also provide the server logs last 100 lines or so.

I agree with chrisjmuk. The Startup/Recovery takes way to long to run. The last time my system did a Startup/Recovery, it took almost 2 weeks! Granted, I am backing up a large number of workstations (My servers are backed up elsewhere) but 2 weeks without backups is a little scary.


My feeling is that the startup recovery is cpu bound and not parallelized much.
Got like >250clients the server has >64 cores and about 2 cores are used during the recovery.
Anyway, the recovery for me when the server crashed and it has to restart is about 48h.
If it s a simple restart, it takes a few minutes.

Still i asked to check if the problem was cpu bound for other peoples as well or if thats an issue thats specific to me.

In 2.2.x it does most of the startup recovery in parallel with backups so this should be improved a bit there.

For me at least it is mostly backup storage random IO limited. Should be easy to find out (iotop/top -mio).

Office run stable.

Home backup run beta on the cheapest server,
Saw the recovery running in parallel , when i restarted it yesterday days ago, forgot to look at perfs, but recovery was in the 1-2 hours range for 150gb.