Start services after snapshot created (not after backup finished)

I stop services before backup (run prefilebackup).
I need to start services after snapshot is created (not after backup finished).

How can I do it?

postfileindex gets called after indexing.

It works! Thank you!

UrBackup stop services called prefilebackup then after snapshot created start services called postfileindex. So services will be started normally.

But what if prefilebackup returns 1, the postfileindex will be called?

I wrote a ready-made script template with the following functions:

  • Each command is checked for errors;
  • If errors occur during operation, the script breaks, the stopped services will be started services back, then UrBackup backup is not started (Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup);
  • All events are included in the UrBackup log;
  • Errors are logged in more detail;
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