Start fresh again

Hi All,
probably been asked before but started having a few issues and have decided to start completely afresh again with all clients and servers.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall all servers and clients but it seems as if the database is still somewhere as one hyperv client is still having issues and for love nor money can I find the problem (all the other vm on that host backup fine).
How do I clean slate?

No sure where you’ve looked already, or if you are are installing on windows or Linux. Assuming Linux, /var/urbackup is one place where several config and dynamic program files are located. /etc/default/ is where some config files may be (e.g. urbackupclient config file is there). Perhaps a : find / | grep -i ur
will help you identify some more places with files from the older install.

Dam, my bad, it is all windows install–that said I have been playing with Linux as well so that will be filed away. thanks