Stagger interval

It would be great if we could setup an interval, start time, or something for the backups. It seems like all of the client backups will start at the same time if I use a daily interval. If we could specify to start backups 30 minutes apart, or just randomize them a bit within a time window… that would be helpful to reduce load and manage bandwidth.


I think it s because all your backups take roughly the same time.
Globally the effect is the most noticeable at the first backups or if the server was off during some time.
After some time because of various incidents, the backup should start to start some time appart.

But if you lower your max connected clients or set bandwidth limits, the backups will not finish all at the same time, then not end all at the same time, then not start at the same time.

That makes sense. So over time I should expect the backups to start more irregularly.