Speed graph in Activities "tab"

I’m new to UrBackup and have been evaluating it for the last few days. It’s a great project!

I’m curious about the transfer speed graph in the Activities “tab” on the web interface. At various seemingly random points on the graph, I see little orange dots. What do the orange dots represent?

It shows your lowest point, highest point, and current point of your data transfer. The “transfer speed” directly next to that tells you what your current speed is.

I already understood the “transfer speed” text to the right of the graph. That was easy. But, duh! Those little orange dots seem so obvious now. LOL!

The graphs don’t seem particularly informative, but I’ve found them useful as a very quick-glance visual cue that things are chugging along normally (or not). So I’m glad they’re there.

Thanks for the response, ttrammell!