Specify specific backup locations on the server for specific clients

I currently have my backup server up and configured. I have 2 4TB HD’s in the server that will be dedicated just for the backup images of clients. Under the Settings on the server i can only specify 1 Backup Storage Path location which is 1 of the 2 4TB drives. The 2 4TB drives are part of a RAID 1 so i cannot span or combine the 2 HD’s into 1 8TB drive. How can i have certain clients backup just to Drive U:\ and other clients backup to Drive V:\ on the server. We cannot map network drives on the client machine so we cannot use the “Add/remove backup path” option on the clients. Is there a way to either run 2 separate instances of Urbackup on 1 server and have 2 nic cards with different IP addresses and using a different port for each Urbackup server?

I don’t know if I understood what you are trying to do: you want to use your two drives as backup destinations, and store some clients’ backups on one drive and the other clients’ backups on the other drive. Is that correct?

If you use the 2 4TB drives in RAID 1, you should see them as a single 4 TB volume, and shouldn’t be able to access them directly. In this case, all you have to do is set as backup destination the RAID 1 volume, and the data will be automatically written to both disks. If you can save anything directly to the two drives, something is very wrong with your RAID 1 setup!

I am interpreting this as he has two RAID1 4TB Volumes.

I am also interested in this for the reason of having to add storage to a server and move clients to different volumes to make sure there is room.


The only way I could think of would be to stop urbackup server, move the clients’ folders in the new position and create a symlink to the new path in the old location.
Unfortunately, it didn’t work: the backup of the moved client fails with “storing file failed” and “backup failed because of disk error” errors. I suspect it could be caused by the creation of hardlinks between file on different filesystems, but I’m just guessing.
The only viable option I can think of would be to use a software raid to increase the size of a single volume…


If it is still of interest, on windows server or clients you can extend the volume to another physical disk in disk manager… the other volume could be a raid volume of course. This way your original volume will be spanned through the underlying disks, any you will have ample space for your backups… (the details vary from OS version, but almost the same. try google around and use the disk manager) If you have actually 2 mirror sets, each with 2 pcs 4 tb hdds, then your OS will see 2 drives, 4 Tb each. This case you have not used raid 10 on your setup, and you have 2 mirrors. If you have no option to go for raid 10 reconfiguration as it would be optimal, you can only span your one partition on the 2 disks that is visible for the OS. You can do that from the device manager.

:-/ if one of the luca91 is correct, and you have a messed up raid config, or misconfig, then you will have to correct that…

And of course, you should not build a single disk failure tolerant raid form big disks! You should have at least a raid 10, or a raid 6. raid 50 is not optimal this case.