Specified only one folder to backup yet backs up everything

In the server I simply told it to backup the c:\Users folder.

When i check the logs it’s backing up the entire C Drive by the looks of it.

Am I missing something??

Running 2.1.20

Maybe you clicked backup images?
the folder to backup is the last input of the tab. Maybe you used c:\users in filter ?
Or maybe you used different settings on the client than the server

Images are disabled altogether.

This is my setting

c:\Users|User Folder/optional;c:\Documents and Settings|Documents/optional

Which lines in the logs make you think it’s doing that ?

Also maybe there s follow symblic links enabled and the links are outside c:\users (inside user directories there are often links to c:\program files data\ for example)

The lines showing it’s literally backing up every folder in the C Drive.

But I figured it out thanks to another post that was similar to mine.

Thanks for the suggestions however Pascal.