Special backup drive for specific clients

hy - is it possibe to configure special backup folders for specific client - our standard drive is running out of space if a add more clients - but for some really big clients(> 2 TB) i also wan’t to have a backup.
I nkow i can configure a unc path as a backup path - but only for the whole urbackup server

kind regards

I have not seen any feature for multi drive backup but that would be nice
as a thought i wonder if you took all the data and copied it to desired drive in the desired folder
then I wonder if you took the destination client path the server uses and made it a mklink folder pointing to your other destination hdd

This is feature i’d like to have too. I’m running some virtual machines and backup to the same disk as the virtual machines are running is stupid, because of:
-low hdd transfere rates
-no outage protection when both are located on the same disk

Yes, i could generally use another hdd for urbackup, but my server runs only with one hdd at 24/7, all others are sleeping most of the time.
I want to avert to run a second hdd at 24/7 because of power costs.