Something about the restore Live_CD

First,thanks a lot to the restore tool of urbackup_restore and appreciate much to your great work.
I download urbackup-server-1.2.4.tar.gz and install it on ubuntu 12.04LTS; download UrBackup Client 1.3-1(x64).msi and install it on windows 2008R2. And they all work good.
Then I download urbackup_restore_1.1.iso, and make the livecd using a USBstick with the tool of LinuxLive USB Creator 2.8.25.exe you recommended. Also, the process of restoring works well, which brings me great convenience, really thanks.
My internet is not so good and I sometimes have to try restore via command line following the link it works not so well, and sometimes fail.

My problem is, I want to make some research in the and  urbackup_client as I can see in the "/root" directory. But I don't have the source code and don't know how to compile them. without them, I have no way to research.  
So, can you give me the source code of and  urbackup_client or how to compile them? thanks.

It’s in the “urbackup_backend” repository. builds the restore_cd.tgz from which the files you see are comming. See there how to build it in detail (basically those are also in the normal client).