Some Writing new file list

Having this error:

04/01/17 02:17  INFO  Saving file metadata...04/01/17 02:18  INFO  Writing new file list...04/01/17 02:18  DEBUG  Some metadata was missing04/01/17 02:18  ERROR  Fatal error during backup. Backup not completed04/01/17 02:23  INFO  Transferred 2.45054 GB - Average speed: 81.3082 MBit/s04/01/17 02:23  DEBUG  Script does not exist urbackup\post_incr_filebackup.bat04/01/17 02:23  INFO  Time taken for backing up client ubuntu-server: 12m 29s04/01/17 02:23  ERROR  Backup failed

Any thoughts?


What UrBackup version are you running?

Sometimes this error can occur if the machine goes offline (the service stops) or if the file backups don’t communicate with the database - sometimes the remove_unknown or cleanup scripts will remedy this.