Some clients are backing up fully empty


I am having heck of a hard time since the 4.9 server upgrade. Some of my clients backups are fully empty even after going through hours of full backups. I do not understand what is going on here :frowning:

I am using Jessie i386 backup server with Btrfs drive. I have mix bunch of clients like Win and Lin.

Is there a way to gracefully reset the backups without loosing all the clients and the settings? Or force some kind of proper database integrity ?

Also I have a client that had a backup couple weeks ago (before the upgrade), now the server is constantly failing

(online status)
Yes 10/26/19 21:22 10/15/19 05:41 Starting backup failed

Not sure how to get a log for this because I do not see anything in the logs tab for this device and the server does not print anything for this.