(SOLVED) users can't login

first of all, great application, simple to install, use and secure my office.
Just a problem:
I’ve created users, but when they try to log, the page says
“Inactivity caused this session to become invalid. Please login again to proceed.”
I’m using UrBackup v1, any idea?
Furthermore, If I upgrade while there is a backup, will it stop the backup or completely crash it?

Can you tell me

  1. Which operating system you are using the server on
  2. Which browser you are using to access the server interface
  3. Anything out of the ordinary e.g. JavaScript errors in your browser

If you upgrade the server all backups will be interrupted/stopped.
If you upgrade the client the currently running backup will be interrupted. It does continue interrupted backups though, and not restart from the beginning.


  1. OS -> Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.6 (squeeze)
  2. Every Browsers (IE on PC, Safari/chrome on mac, Android, …)
  3. No specific errors

I’ve upgraded to v1.1, deleted the users, now it works!
Consider case solved!

Again, Great Job

Hello, i have same problem when enabling ldap.
sorry for necroposting