(Solved)No server access with localhost/55414

urbackup server 2.4.9
Debian Buster system
Kde desktop
Hi all.
The documentation states that the server can be accessed with URL localhost/55414. This does not work with my system. Further the /etc/services file does not list urbackup service or any service with 55414 port number. I added an entry of urbackup-server then changed to urbackupsrv. Neither worked. Systemctl status urbackupsrv showes that the server is running fine.

At this point, I don’t have any access to the server.

Please help

Gary R.

I used localhost/55414 instead of localhost:55414. With the correction, I got access to the login page to the server. But now I am having trouble with the password. I wrote the thing down along with the user name but the passworrd doesm’ t work. How do I change the password?

Gary R

Found answer:
as root use "urbackupsrv reset-admin-pw -a -p

urbackupsrv --help will give additional information on usage.

Gary R.