Socket has error: 113

When i’m going to restore my client machine backup. it will give error at “Socket has error: 113” and “ERROR: Restore was inactive for 5 min. Timeout. Stopping restore…” . After that backup was stop. Any idea, what is the exact problem ?

Sorry for digging that deep - but Iam facing the same “issue”. Whats that about?

2023-01-22 19:55:30: Socket has error: 113
2023-01-22 19:55:40: Socket has error: 113
2023-01-22 19:55:53: Socket has error: 113
2023-01-22 19:56:06: Socket has error: 113

UrBackup Server 2.5.28 - docker.

EDIT: Okay, just seem not being crucial. Its at loglevel INFO and is about client connections, as I can tell.
You dont see it but at my logs, these lines are red. But the log viewer seem to parse “error” as a keyword to colorize it red.