Slow transfers during backups

I’m using Urbackup docker on unraid, but I’m struggling to get reasonable transfer speeds out of it.

I have 2 win 11 clients backing up to this server. One wired gigabit lan and one wifi. Both appear to be topping out at the same max rate.
All other file transfers to this server are fine, with the expected gigabit lan speeds on the wired pc (even when writing to the same share/disk that urbackup is writing to), so I’m baffled as to why urbackup seems to be so constrained.

Any advice appreciated.

So you actually see the transfer speeds on the server, receiving 1gbit + wifi speed?

Have you made sure there are no speed limitations under the local/passive in the server/each client settings?

No speed limitations set, everything is more or less default other than setting c: and d: to backup on the wired client and just c: on the laptop.

And yes, those are the speeds I’m seeing on the server

Any other network activity is fine to/from the server, it is just urbackup that is slow