Slow Server Performance

Hy - Server 2012 R2
Gigabit Network

  • UrBackup Server 1.3.2-1.exe 2014-01-20
    concurrent clients at the same time -5 - all Windows XP with Gigabit Ports
    Client versions 1.3 stable

Backup storage path: another 2012 R2 Server \servername\share1$

Image Backup is so slow - only 100Mbit is saturated with 5 client - but i have a 1000Mbit connetion
If i start a filecopy from backup storage path to the urbackup server- the gigabit network link is saturated - over 100 MB / sec - but Urbackup uses only max 10 MB per sec.
I have not limited the network speed in urbackup
Speed goes up for a single client if i check “Temporary files as image backup buffer:” but also limited to 100 Mbit aka 10 MB /sec


  • Urbackup looks much more stable with the new WIP Version(UrBackup Server 1.3.2-1.exe) - no disconneting Clients now - which often occurs with the “stable” version 3.2.1 on Server 2012 R2

Where do you think the bottleneck is? Between backup server and clients or between UrBackup and NAS?

If the bottleneck is between server and clients it should go up the more clients you have, right?

hy - i think the bottlneck is urbackup - if one client is able to create 10 Megabytes per second with a 2012 R2 server and a temp directory - i think 5 clients should be at minimum 2-5 times faster - but this is not the case. I’am stuck at arround 7-to 10 Megabytes per second for combined traffic of all clients. The CPU Usage is arround 40 to 50 % in urbackup server - 30 % only for urbackup_srv.exe and about 6-8 % for System interrupts.
I disabled the temp directory - because i dont have enough space on the server.
In the past i upgraded the old installation without uninstalling the previous version .
Now i uninstalled the WIP version -and installed the old stable one - but i don’t be sure which files must be backed up to reinstall the server -
i saved

and after a new install -i disabled the service “Urbackup Windows Server” and copied these file into the folder
C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup

Is that correct to correctly reinstall the server ?

Because the server is virtual - i added now 2 extra cores and disabled dynamic memory - cpu usage is now 22 % - but i can’t get above 100 Mbps (10Megabytes per/second)

result of all these changes - nothing - the performance is very limited - i can’t figure out the bottleneck

curious - i changed the following urbackup setting

Nondefault temporary file directory:

to the inital destination server (\win2012R2Fileserver\sharename\abc)- and checked

Temporary files as image backup buffer:

Now i am able to get full Network Bandwith !!

10 times faster !!

destination Server and sharename is exactly the same - looks like urbackup is handling the temp folder in a different way

i am not too lucky now -

Now i have 5 clients reached 100 % in the progress bar in the server activity window - but now the Network Perfomance drops again from gigabit to 100 mbit ! (i think urbackup is copying the files from temp to the final destination)

Can you investigate this behavior uroni ?

Kind regards