Slow file backups and stalling out

I’m on Windows server v2.2.10 on Windows Server Essentials 2012 r2 and client 2.2.5 on Windows 10.
Everything was going well with 3 windows clients for a few months but I had to reconfigure my volumes on the server and wound up deleting my old backups. I figured I’d just rely on a different backup for critical stuff and just rebuild my UrBackup backups.
I got set back up and let UrBackup start backing up my PCs but one in particular always seems to bog down during file backup. I’m a photographer so there are a lot of files getting backed up and it is almost 7TB. It would typically take several days to get the first full backup but now I can never get through it before it basically stops but appears to still be running. When the backup starts the estimate is reasonable, like under a few days. But then it will balloon to millions of days when it slows down.
Resource utilization on both client and server seems reasonable. Server is a Athlon dual core with 4GB ram. No virus protection on server, Windows Defender on client.
If I restart the server service or reboot I’ll get a better estimate for a little while but then it will bog down again within a day.
Any ideas? Thanks!


Maybe the eta is wrong, it s at 10% of a bazillion days and it will actually complete faster.
The screenshot was taken after how long?
How long is the max you waited?

There were some issue with linking and the fix for that involved lower performances.
So when you reinstalled, could it be that you used a more recent client/server?

If you have 7 db if data, i can suggest to use virtual clients.
You create like on per year or decade or theme or whatever you organise your photos by.
So each virtual client will be able to complete a full individually.
Backup can also be deleted individually.
On archived folder, you can make an incremental once per week, “just to be sure”.
On the current folder you can backup once per day.
Also internally urbackup will work with a few small databases instead of a big one, so that may help too.

Other thing is to look at background priority in urbackup.

You can also disable congestion control
netsh interface tcp set global ecncapability=disabled

Thanks I will look into virtual clients.
That was after a few hours and now it is still at 10% 12 hours later.
I have left it a couple of days before.

slect your client, go to the client tab
then at the bottom , create subclients like :
then wait maybe 2 minutes, eventually login and out.
and theses client will appear, and as said before you can configure them independently, and add dedicated backup path for each client.

Before creating virtual clients, I reduced my primary client’s files to just one year’s worth, maybe 1/5 of the total data. That one stalled out similarly and I went to the log for that job on the server and see this error:

|04/17/18 16:56 |DEBUG |HT: Copying file: “f:\urbackup\mb-pc\180417-1433.symlink_Pictures\Lightroom\Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata\2\2E80\2E80EB8B-D4CF-48CD-B232-74AA03FF6240-23c13717c6330f60706bf1e7c718b3e4.lrprev”|
|04/18/18 08:02 |ERROR |Error getting file metadata. Errorcode: CANNOT_OPEN_FILE (3)|
|04/18/18 08:22 |ERROR |Server admin stopped backup.|

So I wonder if it might be a hardware or filesystem issue?


Maybe uroni can be more affirmative, but I dont think so. Can you copy and open that file?
I am unsure you can open the preview files themselves.

Lightroom Catalog Previews.lrdata\2\2E80\2E80EB8B-D4CF-48CD-B232-74AA03FF6240-23c13717c6330f60706bf1e7c718b3e4.lrprev

Ok, I think I solved it. It was a problem with how the drive array was configured and would act like a full disk but still show lots of space left. Once I figured out that problem and corrected it, backups have resumed working. Thanks for the help!