Slow backup to server (SOLVED)

My setup consist of an UrBackup server installed in a jail on Truenas Core.

I just installed the UrBackup driver with CBT on my first windows client using the “.MSI” file that was provided to me when i bought the CBT driver.

When i was doing my first backup i noticed i could not get speeds faster than 150Mbit/s. I couldn’t understand why since my entire network is hardwired and tested for 1Gbit/s.

I went to the forums for an answer but none of the suggestions helped me increase the transfer speeds. That’s when i decided to uninstall the driver on the client computer and re-install it. But this time i used the “.EXE” file instead of the “.MSI”

That by itself solved the problem for me. My image files are transferring to the server at 900MBit/s now which is substantially faster than before.

I don’t know what changed from one file to the other but I’m happy with the transfer speeds that I’m getting.

I’m posting this in case someone else is having issues with transfer speeds. Maybe this can solve their problem.