Slow backup speeds

Hello - This is my first setup with urbackup so hopefully I am just missing some basic settings.

Urbackup server 2.0.38 on Ubuntu 14.04 or Windows 2012R2
Urbackup Client 2.0.36 on Windows 2012R2

Both the server and the client are running in separate VMs. Whenever I perform a file backup or an image backup, I am only getting about 35Mb/s transfer speed. These hosts live on a 10G LAN and the network has been tested between them and performs as expected.

I have setup a FTP server on the urbackup server and installed a FTP client on the same server with the urbackup client. A FTP transfer gets 880Mb/s.

I have tried using temp folders on SSD drives for file and image backups. I have enabled and disabled the client using background priority. I made sure the file and image backup types were set to raw. Nothing seems to change the backup speed. It always sits at about 35Mb/s.

Any insight would be very much appreciated!

Try unchecking run with background priority

Could you try client version 2.1.5? There are some significant image backup performance improvements in client 2.1.x.

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I unchecked the background priority and it did not have an effect on the performance.

Ok, installed the 2.1.5 client on Windows 2012R2. It is backing up to a 2.0.38 server in Windows 2012R2.

Image backups are about 5-6x faster! So that is good news. Transfers now run about 150-180Mb/s. Thank you!

Is there any additional tuning that can be done to get the performance any higher?

Could be the maximum of e.g. the client hard disk. The FTP transfer was cached perhaps?
The first thing would be to analyse where the bottleneck is, i.e. client hard disk, client CPU, network, server hard disk, server CPU.

The FTP may have been cached. I ran it a number of times and consistently get over 100MB/s.

I tested the client disk with CrystalDiskMark:

I tested client network connection to urbackup server with iperf:

Here is a look at the client CPU/RAM while running a full image backup:

I am currently running an iozone test on the server disk performance. The VM urbackup is running in has 8G of RAM so I have to run the test with data sets larger than 8G to get bast the RAM cache. That means the tests take quite a while to run. I don’t think the server disk performance is an issue though. CPU/RAM on the server are not even approaching 5%/25% respectively.

In my latest testing, I had neglected to disable the image compression. Testing with the image compression disabled yielded transfer speeds of ~500Mbps!

While compression would be nice, speed is more important at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions for backend compression on the server after the transfer is done?

The Windows Server >=2012 offline dedup compresses as well, I think.

maybe a little bit offtopic but:
if you want to use deduplication i would recommend you to turn off the compression of UrBackup.

We achieve between 60 and 67% dedupe Rate with VHD files but just ~17% with VHDZ. (Depending on how much time he gets to dedupe while IDLEing and the VHD - File ratio) [Use Dedupe in Hyper-V Infrastructure Mode - because VHD files]
Also VHD is much faster.

The plot thickens. All of my testing thus far has been on URBackup server 2.0.36 or 2.0.38 on Windows 2012 R2. I have been able to get the backup speeds to a very acceptable speed.

My end goal is to run the server on Ubuntu 16.04. I have spun up an Ubuntu vm on the same physical host as well as different physical hosts and I cannot get the backup speed any faster than 32Mbps. I have even tried running Debian and Centos vms and they are just as slow. I am running all of this on KVM (proxmox to be exact).

Is there something in the linux version of the server that processes the backups differently that the windows version?

nvm - figured it out. Didn’t uncheck the run client as background process box.

Hi i try all method
and find out the the problem it with the .msi client
i install the .exe one and it work perfect