SLES 11 and client urbackup

Does urbackup client 2.4.10 work on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 kernel 2.6.27 ?
Returns an error in the logs:

SQLite: recovered 24 frames from WAL file /usr/local/var/urbackup/backup_client.db-wal code: 283
ERROR: urbackupserver: Creating v6 SOCKET failed
urbackupserver: Server started up successfully!
Started UrBackupClient Backend…
ERROR: FileSrv: Failed setting SO_REUSEADDR in CUDPThread::CUDPThread
ERROR: Binding ipv6 UDP socket to port 35622 failed
FileSrv: Servername: ********
Looking for old Sessions… 0 sessions
WARNING: Shutting down (Signal 2)
Deleting lbs…
Shutting down plugins…
Deleting server…

Is that the binary client or self-compiled? It seems to work? Is it not connecting?

Can you run strace on it? You could also try the one posted here, though SO_CLOEXEC seems to be added to Linux with exactly 2.6.27. CentOS 5 client compatibility

This is a binary client. Does not work.

~ urbackupclientctl status
Error getting status

Please tell me how to run strace? And I didn’t quite understand what you can try from the post:
CentOS 5 client compatibility