Skip identical file backups


Is this possible to configure server to skip a file backup, if it would be identical to previous backup (no files changed since last scheduled backup time)?

And just how will UrBackup know that if it doesn’t scan the files on the client? That’s what takes the time, and UrBackup Client is quite efficient, using the clues the host operating system provides. Only changed files are transmitted, so you won’t actually save very much disk space or network bits transferred. You can also invest in the CBT client (see Commercial tab) and save a bit more time.

Try running a backup and check how much space is actually used on the Server storage drive. Then run a second backup on the same client and compare the new used/free space total, and how long it actually took.

Note: Totals from lists of folders or files are usually wrong, but drive free space is usually correct - due to the way UrBackup uses reference links instead of copies of unchanged files.


My point is not to avoid scanning, but avoid having overly long lists of available backups (and some clutter on disk) and in the same way know when something has changed.

If you want to shorten the lists of backups, the way to do it would be to reduce the number it’s set to keep, or reduce the frequency if unchanged systems are a regular thing.

Unless you’ve been very picky with what folders to back up explicitly, then things will have changed, there’s a surprising amount of activity within the C:\Users\UserName directory, which is where people often point file backups, in order to be able to restore changed settings within a profile.

As for CBT, might be worth it if you’re backing up offsite over the internet, in a typical gigabit LAN, it’s sometimes slower, as I found while I was experimenting before that PC went back offsite. Not discouraging you from getting it, it’s worth the small one-off cost just to support the project, just don’t expect miracles.

Scanning runs in the background with little impact, less than a typical virus scan, it’s just that it can’t be done instantly, any more than that virus scan could… After you’ve configured how often, how many copies, & what to back up, just let UrBackup do it’s thing.


Let me present my use case.

There is a body of 70k documents with bursts of important activity.

Namely (the most frequent pattern) approximately once a month there are ~100 documents modified over the period of a workday. These edits involve also temporarily adding new files to the body, but ultimately it ends with almost the same number of files. I have no way of determining when/which files are edited, or even volume of edits - fe. there’s been a month with just 1 file modified every week. During the edits, I would make snapshots of wip very often, like every 15 minutes or even 5 minutes.
I would like to keep a year worth history of changes, after which I can capture the oldest state to permanent backup and allow removing of the oldest backups.

Any good ideas for setup?

i think you want something like :
archive once per month (you can specify that the once per month is the 1st or a monday)
for keep for one year (search archive in the docs).