Size limit for tmp directory?

Hi everyone!

My backup destination is not very fast (ZFS with deduplication) so I set DAEMON_TMPDIR to a directory on the root SSD and enabled “Temporary files as file backup buffer” to increase backup speeds.
I ran into the following problem: A client with ~350 GB of files ran a full backup and therefore filled the ~170GB free space on the SSD after about an hour. The OS of course didn’t like / being full and various things stopped working properly.
Is there a way to limit the size of urbackups temporary directory so that the backup would continue after filling the tmpdir, but with the reduced speed of the ‘real’ destination?

On Windows I set a disk quota for the user the server runs as to overcome such an issue. I couldn’t begin to tell you how to do anything similar on Linux though, or be certain if it would work.