Since 2.5.32: Warn and OK mails every night


I have a Linux server group with two members in it. They got special backup window: 1-7/23-24.

That is working, but every day at ~19:00 I get the “No recent file backup” message. And 23:03 the “File backup status is OK”.

What further details are needed? Server maintenance window is at 1-7/1-2.

Another funny thing: I get a * next to my one Linux server when it dont have own settings. All buttons say “Follow group” (the briefcase icon).

Any idea whats causing that?

I was going to post, we have this hosted on a QNAP QTS system with working email but never get an email about backups, are there settings to send messages with regards backup status?

Thats offtopic, but: Did you entered SMTP infos in settings-> Email??

“off topic” to mean its not SMTP related??? OP is getting too many emails, i am not getting any, this is the PERFECT thread to use, he has the answer i am lookinjg for… !

Yes, SMTP works, cant see any settings to send anything though… seems like a direct connection to the original question…