Simple Instructions on how to update server

I work for a small TV studio and my predecessor installed URBackup on a TrueNas storage unit.

Upon login to our ctvserver, i’m given the notice that an upgrade to 2.4.13 is available.
Is there a way to automate the upgrade to the latest version of server without having to reinstall it all? I don’t know BSD any more and I certainly don’t have the confidence to update it via a reinstall.

Alas, my predecessor never documented anything, so we’re kinda screwed.

Any help is enormously appreciated!

Thank you!

edit: what version are you running ?

Depends how it was installed …
Use putty (or w.h.y) to login to the TrueNas server.
Go to the console of the urbackup jail :

iocage console “name of the urbackup jail”

Then do:

pkg version

and see if urbackup is in the list.