Silent install using the Python script


Sorry if this has already been answered I did look but I will admit not to hard.

I am trying to do a Silent install using the python script located here

I have got it to download the client file but it always gives a use prompt and also never installs silently. Any help would be appreciated thank you in advance.

The script does not install silently. You’ll have to replace the os.startfile("Client Installer.exe") with something like

os.system('"Client Installer.exe" /S')

Thanks I will try that would be alot better then what I am currently doing.

That worked thanks.

Sorry that i’m replying to 7 years old topic. If its not allowed, please delete it and i will make a new one.
So i have exactly the same problem but i included the command that uroni provided but still getting error:
FilenotfoundError: [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified: ‘“Client Installer.exe” /S’

Also, this client is downloaded with “shield” icon. How can i download the one that needs no UAC approval?

EDIT: Another issue. Downloaded silent installer (no tray icon and no user interaction) from but still 1) asks UAC confirmation. And displays cmd window to the user. No silent at all…
EDIT2: Managed to install it with “silent” installer “without tray icon” that displayed cmd window to the user and shows tray icon…